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About Khaled AL Badie


Khaled Al Badie has held a number of key positions among the banking sector, other financial investment sectors and the private sector (ABG).
Within the banking sector, and in particular in the Abu Dhabi National Bank, he has held the following key positions:
·        Secretary of the Board of Directors
·        Deputy General Manager of the Investment Banking Division
·        Head of Asset Management Group 

At the private sector level, and in particular within Al Badie Group of Companies (ABG), Khaled Al Badie joined the group and started playing an active role since an early stage of his career, he has risen through all the respective levels of professions achieving the highest managerial levels.
Today Mr. Khaled Al Badie is the Vice President of ABG, who is supported by a selected number of highly qualified professionals who have the highest academic qualifications of PhDs and MBAs.
Currently at ABG, Khaled Al Badie holds the following positions:
·        CEO & Vice President of Al Badie Group ABG
·        Managing Director of the North Trading Establishment-ABG
·        Managing Director of the North Property Management Establishment – ABG
·        Managing Director of the South Trading Establishment – ABG
·        Managing Director of Al Badie Travel Agency – ABG
·        Chief Financial Officer – ABG
·        Chair of the Projects Owners committee – ABG
·        Chair of the Finance & Investment committee – ABG
·        Vice Chairman of Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurance Company.
·        Chair of the Investment committee – Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurance Company Insurance v.p.

Educational Qualifications
·        MsF in Financial Management, George Washington University – Washington DC, USA.
·        BA dual major in Business Management and Economy, Chapman University – California, USA.
·        Special course in Political Science, Richmond University – England UK.

·        High School, Choueifat International School – Abu Dhabi.